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Tournament Prizes


We've got great ideas for events. Any of our products make great affordable tee prizes. Even a combination of products can fit well within most tounament prize budgets.

The FRUSTRATIONS products are not only great tee prizes but can be a perfect last place or gag prize for an individual or foursome.

What could be better than our GALS ONLY LADS FORBIDDEN collection for a ladies specific event. If it's a GENTLEMEN ONLY tourney we've got that covered too.

If you have any type of couples event what a great idea to give the gals a GALS ONLY tee prize & the gents a GENTLEMEN ONLY product. The "battle of the sexes" is always interesting & fun!

Discounts are available on quantities of 72 or 144 units specifically for events.  Multiple product categories can be combined to reach these minimums.  Please CONTACT US for details.

G.O.L.F. : Greatest of Life's Frustrations

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