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                                        FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

1. Q: Can I combine items from different product categories (example: 1 t-shirt & 1 mug) to receive the "2 for" price discount?
A: The "2 for" pricing is only for 2 items from the same category. Examples: 2 caps, 2 mugs, 2 puzzles etc. These do not have to be the same style or color just within the same category. Note: also check the Discount Gift Packs link for special discounts when purchasing from multiple product categories.

2. Q: Does G.O.L.F. INC. offer any large quantity discounts?
A: Yes. we supply many corporate events & golf outings & are happy to negotiate a fair price for multiple items. Please use the Contact Us link to begin the process. Note: free shipping on all orders over $50.

3. Q: Does G.O.L.F INC. offer any warranties or satifaction guarantees?
A: Yes. Our goal is to have nothing but happy customers that want to buy from us again & again & will spread the word to family & friends. Any products deemed defective in any way, or are damaged in shipment will be replaced at no cost to the consumer. Any products that are simply not satisfactory upon receipt can be returned for a full refund of the original purchase price or exchanged for other items of equal value.

4.Q: How quickly will I receive my order?
A: Our goal is to ship every order within 24 hours of receipt. We use either UPS or the US Postal Service. Shipping times vary but generally 1-3 business days depending on your proximity to the Indianapolis area. Note: if any item is out of stock we will advise you immediately & inform you when it will become available.

5. Q: What are shipping costs & are there any free shipping programs?
A: We endeavor to keep shipping costs to a minimum. We have calculated an average fair price per item based on UPS & US Postal rates in the domestic US. In many cases we are absorbing some of the freight charges on long distance orders. All freight charges are calculated & varified with your on line order. NOTE: FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OF $50 OR MORE.

6. Q: Can I pay via personal check or money order instead of using a credit or debit card?
A: Yes, just be aware that we must make sure the funds clear our bank before we can ship your order. Place your order on line. The order will total including tax & shipping. Submit the order, check the correct method of payment. Use the Contact Us link for our mailing address. Print 2 copies & mail us 1 with your check.

7. Q: Are your t-shirts full sized & how much do they shrink?
A: Yes they are indeed full cut & are 100% preshrunk cotton so they will not shrink at all.

8. Q: What can I do if a t-shirt does not fit properly or if I do not like the color upon receipt?
A: You can return it for a refund or exchange it for another size or color. Simply use the Contact Us link & advise us of the problem. Please do not send any product back without written authorization from the co.

9. Q: I am buyiing a gift for a golfer that is a"good player", "very good player", "great player", or an "awful player". Are the G.O.L.F. GREATEST OF LIFE'S FRUSTRATIONS products appropriate for them?
A: Absolutely! You don't have to be a specific type of golfer to enjoy the products. Everybody that plays this great game can relate to how frustrating it can be. The acronym came to us while watching a PGA TOUR broadcast & hearing how often the word frustration is used even in describing the best players in the world. Almost everyone who plays the game loves it. Absolutely everyone who plays it are humbled & frustrated by it at one time or another but keep coming back for more!

10. Q: Is the G.O.L.F. GENTLEMEN ONLY LADIES FORBIDDEN acronym really where the name for the game of golf originated?
A: That is doubtful. We could find nothing in our research to varify that yet it is a very widely known & used legend. The male chauvinists of the world love it so in fairness to all the female golfers we had to come up with a female chavinistic version, thus,
G.O.L.F. GALS ONLY LADS FORBIDDEN. It is always fun to propagate the "battle of the sexes".

11. Q: Can we reach the co. via phone & speak to a person?
A: Certainly. We do not as of now have a full time customer service dept. but feel free to call us at 317-409-8776 24 hours a day & leave a message & phone #. We will endeavor to return your call as quickly as possible.


G.O.L.F. : Greatest of Life's Frustrations

Free Shipping on all orders over $500