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Unique, Fun, Affordable Golf Gifts For All Occassions

We are members of the great brotherhood/sisterhood of frustrated golfers world wide. We love the game but It's a simple fact of life, if you're a golfer, then you're a frustrated golfer. We know that every person who plays this most challenging of games, at some point, is humbled and frustrated by it.

Even the greatest players in the world are frustrated golfers at times, certainly at a higher level than the rest of us, but frustrated none the less. In fact our acronym came to us from watching a PGA Tour broadcast and hearing how many times the word frustration came up even when describing tour pros.

Are we at G.O.L.F. INC. great players? No way! Good players? Not really, maybe a couple times a round. Terrible players? Occasionally, but not all the time. We're just golfers who've been playing the game most of our lives and like you, are frustrated by it every time we tee it up yet always come back for more. Why? Because, even though we are indeed frustrated golfers, we still love this crazy game!

To our frustrated golfing brothers and sisters everywhere, we dedicate this website and the products within. Play well, but more importantly, have fun!

PS: By the way we are not chauvinistic in any way but for those of you that are, you'll love our new G.O.L.F. GENTLEMEN ONLY LADIES FORBIDDEN & or GALS ONLY LADS FORBIDDEN collections. A bit controversial but no doubt, fun. If you're looking to start a conversation with someone of the opposite gender just wear one of our hats or t-shirts.

G.O.L.F. : Greatest of Life's Frustrations

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